A Dozen Years of the 3-Day Walk

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

Penny-Me-Sue in 2013: Just missing Diane for the original 2003 Team

Penny-Me-Sue in 2013: Just missing Diane for the original 2003 Team

In 2015, the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure celebrates 12 years of sponsoring the 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk.

The organization started in 2003, and so did this walker. Who knew I would be celebrating a dozen years of Walks?

The best part is I get to celebrate it with my teammates.

A Dozen Reasons

In celebration of our dozen years, I came up with a dozen reasons I am thankful for the 3-Day Walk.

  1. For my sister and all survivors – I am thankful my sister, Terry, has been a survivor even longer than I have been walking. I am thankful for all survivors (including three of my teammates) who get to live their life to the fullest.
  2. For those we lost – We honor all those we lost to cancer, like my beloved Aunt Mitzi. We remember you. We cherish you. You are the reason we walk.
  3. For my teammates – I am thankful to my teammates for the laughter, the tears, the sharing, and most of all, your love. You mean the world to me.
  4. For the crew and volunteers – Your endless support and mile-after-mile of smiles, high-fives, and hugs make 60 miles seem like a walk in the park. Thank you.
  5. For San Diego residents and supporters – Even in the monsoon of 2010, San Diego residents and supporters braved the elements to be there when we needed a cheer most. You mean more than you will ever know.
  6. For my health – The 3-Day Walk shattered all my excuses for not getting healthy again when I left my corporate days behind. What started out as training for the 3-Day became a regular routine of walking.
  7. For all my contributors – You humble me with your generosity. Some of you have stuck with me from that first step in 2003.  I could never do this without you and I am so grateful for your generous spirit.
  8. For those willing to share their story – When you share your story, you let others know they are not alone. No one battling cancer should be alone. No survivor with that whispering fear during remission should be alone. No person touched in any way by cancer should be alone. Know you are not. We do not need to know your name – but would be happy to – we but share our hope.
  9. For virgin walkers –Like our newest teammate, Holly, and all of us who took that first step. The 3-Day has a way of hooking you. You may never do another Walk but you will never forget.
  10. For the road warriors – For walkers who walked every Walk in the days that meant 14 Walks. 60 Miles/3 Days Times 14 = 840 Miles/42 Days. Unbelievable. And many did it over again – and again.
  11. For an endless supply of t-shirts – I will never have the need to buy a t-shirt again – even though pink is not my favorite color.
  12. For discovering the secret to blister-free feet – It took me to 2006 to discover MBTs. Now I panic as my 12th Walk nears and the blister-busting sandals are in short supply. I tweeted to Abeo to convert their rocker shoes (R.O.C.) into sandals. Please answer my prayers.

If you would like to follow as I prepare this old body for another 3-Day Walk, sign up using the form in the sidebar. Pray to the No Blisters gods for me.

Walk on!

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