It All Starts With a Single Step

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

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After extolling the beauty of San Diego weather, the Susan G. Komen, 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk for Breast Cancer decided to throw us a curve.

  • Monsoon-like rain
  • Blowing winds – I’m sure I saw Shamu go flying by
  • All of it pelting a sea of brightly-colored ponchos
  • Oh yeah, the ponchos covered 4,000 3-Day Walkers

You know what – we all survived – no, thrived.

The Unselfish Journey

Each walker there had his or her own reason for walking.

  • Some lost a loved one to cancer
  • Some knew survivors
  • Some are survivors
  • Some just care

We started with a single step —

Then another —

  • We stepped in puddles
  • Winds ripped umbrellas apart
  • We picked up walkers crying in pain
  • We laughed at the silly way we looked

I had so many dry socks in my zippered windbreaker, I looked like a pregnant kangaroo.

A Rainbow of Hope

What we endured cannot touch on the courage of those dealing with cancer – patients, families, caretakers.

After a brutal day of weather, as we neared tent city, the skies cleared.

A giant rainbow crossed the sky —

As if to say – there is hope – there is always hope.

Follow Your Passion

The 3-Day has become a passion for me and many others.

My business is the pursuit of a passion.

If I have learned anything from the 3-Day, it’s this —

  • Follow your passion
  • Share the journey
  • Take pride in what you accomplish

It all starts with a single step.

Thanks again to all my contributors who made my 7th Walk possible.

Thank you to my teammates of Fight Like A Girl —

  • Abby Widman
  • Beth Greenberg
  • Julie Ewert
  • Martina Scanlan
  • Penny Rammer
  • Sue Peterson

The back of our t-shirt said it best —

Blisters heal

Muscles recover

Friendships last a lifetime

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