3-Day Walk Still Excites Me

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

3-Day Walk-2014 PostNext week I leave for my beloved San Diego.

For those of you who don’t know, I lived in San Diego for nearly 20 years.

It was there I experienced my first 3-Day Walk for the Cure − way back in 2003.

I will be participating in my 11th Walk with my fabulous team.

As we have been finalizing travel details, I find myself getting more and more excited. Let me tell you why.

3-Day Walk #11

I often wonder what it is about this event that will not let go.

My initial motivation was fueled by my sister’s diagnosis of breast cancer. I am happy to report that Terry is still going strong as a long-time breast cancer survivor.

But even before Terry’s diagnosis, I marveled at walkers from the then Avon 3-Day Walk going down the coast of California. I kept promising myself I would try it, although at the time I didn’t know anyone who had breast cancer.

When I finally got my rear off the couch, I figured I would do the Walk once. Silly girl.

Walked Straight into my Heart

I shared the story of my first encounter with the women who would later become my teammates.

The connection had a cosmic, meant-to-be feel about it.

Words cannot express what these wonderful women have meant to me. I cannot imagine my life without them.They have all made me a better person. Each one walked straight into my heart.

The biggest reason I get excited every year to do another Walk is the knowledge we are going to be together again.

I love you, ladies.

The Challenge Continues

It’s rather funny to me that in the last few years, the Walks have gotten easier. Lord, I hope I haven’t jinxed myself.

Despite passing the age of 60, I have remained free of some of the earlier troubles.

  • Blisters galore plagued me until I found my MBTs
  • Lost toenails had me banishing closed shoes forever
  • I breathe much easier on hills – heck I actually get up those hills – since I lost the tons of weight corporate life packed on

But let’s face it. It’s still 60 miles. In 3 days.

The challenge still exists. Last year, I challenged myself to walk up Torrey Pines without stopping.

Hard Walk CafeSee the hill behind this sign? That’s Torrey Pines.

  • It goes up and up
  • And on an on

I had asthma as a teenager and always had to take a breather about half way up. Usually to pick up a lung.

Last year I made it in one fell swoop. No stopping!

Ah, little victories.

The Cause

If you are like me, you know too many people affected by cancer.

  • Those we’ve lost like my dear Aunt Mitzi who had lung cancer
  • All the survivors like my sister, Terry, and teammates, Sue, Martina, and Penny
  • And the friends and families of the survivors and those lost to cancer

The good news is – my list of names of survivors gets longer.

As I told teammate and survivor, Penny, I will do this as long as this 60-plus-year-old body permits me to. And when it won’t, I’ll volunteer.

Pray to the great No Blisters gods for me!

Walk on!

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Anne Wayman November 7, 2014 at 4:18 pm

up torry pines grade… I bow to you and your shoes!


Cathy Miller November 12, 2014 at 7:01 am

Thanks, Anne. It’s the worst of 3 gnarly hills. At least for me. 😉 My hiker teammates, plus one who is a personal trainer, just breeze up them.


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