3-Day Walking to MBTs Nirvana

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

New MBTs

The 2016 Version

The drama of the MBTs goes on.

If you have followed this blog, you read about MBTs (Masai Barefoot Technology).

The funny-looking sandal, known as MBTs, became my Sandal Saviors.

  • My history of blossoming blisters – banished
  • Lost toenails from pavement slapping – gone
  • Walking to MBTs Nirvana was mine

Then the company went bankrupt.

MBTs Nirvana Interrupted

What followed the bankruptcy was the picture of an Old Lady Walking, desperate for MBTs.

  • I scurried over ads of leftover stock, trying to avoid knock-off imposters
  • I wailed when reputable sellers ran out of my size

Eventually, a U.S. store returned. But their sandals were not the same.

  • I hated the women’s version with a strap criss-crossing my instep
  • Not a good idea to bind feet that walk 60 miles in 3 days
  • The introduction of leather sandals did nothing to boost my morale

I received a survey from the company. I begged them to bring back a non-leather sandal that worked better for walking 60 miles.

And you know what? They did!

I am sure it is because I asked.

Not Quite MBTs Nirvana

The image above is of MBTs Lila 6 Sport Sandal. It’s very similar to earlier sandals I had.

So, what’s the problem?

A simple click-and-buy was not in the cards.

  • The U.S. store did not have my size
  • They had no idea when (or if) they would get them in
  • I found a reputable seller on Amazon
  • They had the size I ordered for my last pair (Yay!)
  • When they arrived, they were way too big (Boo!)

I ordered a smaller size and just received them. Let’s just say I have mixed feelings.

  • Non-leather material  √
  • Size that fits √
  • Upper straps about 1/3 the size 🙁

I hope Lucky #13 Walk doesn’t have me falling off my MBTs. With those San Diego hills, that could be a dangerous roll.


Walk on.

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Laura Moody April 27, 2016 at 2:20 pm

I have a fused ankle and the ‘rocker bottoms’ have given me the gift of ‘long walks:)” I have been looking for a sandel. Do you have a website you go to?? I am using Sketchers Shape UP but any rocker bottom is hard to find….especially in a sandel.

Laura Moody
I also have a blog I haven’t hit for a while:( https://grandmamsmusings.blogspot.com/


Cathy Miller April 27, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Hi Laura. The link is in the U.S. store text above. That’s the official MBT site. I’d start there to see what styles you like. Click here.

If you can handle closed shoes (I can’t for 60 miles but I am thinking of getting some for my daily walks), I think they have a lot of great shoes with the rocker bottom.

Then I would check Amazon for the ones you like to see if you can get them cheaper. But beware of the seller. Check out what they say about them because there are a lot of fakes floating around the internet. I have used SHERMAN’S NYC and SoleConnect.

I tried a pair of Abeos with rocker soles, but none work like the MBTs for me. Let me know how it works out for you, Laura. Good luck! 🙂


Anne Wayman April 28, 2016 at 12:45 pm

yikes, poor feet… good luck with that, truly.


Cathy Miller May 1, 2016 at 6:15 am

As long as I have my MBTs, they’re good, Anne. 🙂


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