Life Robs the Best Laid Plans

by Cathy Miller

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Mom on 93rd birthday

Mom on 93rd birthday

How often have you been excited for a new venture only to have life get in the way?

That’s what happened here at this blog.

I so want to share the stories of the incredible survivors and loved ones touched by cancer.

As well as the journey that brought me to this blog.

But then life got in the way.

  • Business to do
  • And cancer, too – thankfully, on a much smaller scale

Isn’t that just like cancer? Getting in the way of life?

Cancer Interrupting Life

My mom had her first diagnosis of skin cancer at the age of 92. Thankfully, it was the highly curable basal cell carcinoma. I guess if you live long enough, everyone should expect some form of cancer.

She had a large lesion removed from her temple. Then she went through six weeks of a topical treatment for a superficial basal cell on her nose. That was no fun.

Mom has always been very sensitive to medications. Her skin became so inflamed and nasty-looking, her doctor cut her back from five-times-a-week treatment to three.

About half way through her treatment, I discovered a lesion on my ear. With my own history of basal cell carcinoma, I called my doctor.

Turns out it was benign; however, the physician assistant diagnosed pre-cancerous cells on my nose. He used cryotherapy treatment (freezing the cells). My nose became an attractive mini-version of my mom’s.

What? Were they having a two-for-one special on basal cell?

The good new is – my mom is otherwise very healthy and turned 93 years old this month.

Plan B

So what do you do when life gets in the way of your best laid plans? You go to Plan B.

At least for now, I am giving in to the fact that the posts here are hit and miss. You’ll see the most activity as I gear up for another 3-Day Walk for the Cure. I’m going for Lucky #13 this year.

60-Mile Walk Survival Guide CoverI also decided to share my free ebook===> 60-Mile Walk Survival Guide from an old lady walking.
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You don’t even have to sign up. Thanks to those of you who did!

If you want to know when the next post comes around, you can sign up in the sidebar.

At least you know you won’t be bombarded with emails. Even the more regular posts immediately before and after the Walk do not exceed a couple per month (if that).

I’ll still draw a name from those who already signed up or those who sign up in the future. That person will win a $25 gift certificate to the Old Lady Walking Store. I’ll hold the drawing on November 1. That’s the start of the month for my San Diego 3-Day Walk.

Sound like a good deal? Hey, it’s a free signup.

Who knows? I may move on to a Plan C or D or back to Plan A. Please know how grateful I am for your support.


Walk on.

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Lori March 22, 2016 at 3:30 pm

Thirteen years? That’s incredible, Cathy! Congratulations on a lot of miles walked!


Cathy Miller March 22, 2016 at 4:42 pm

Thanks, Lori. When I think of all the walks leading up to and after the 3-Day Walks, it is mind-boggling. 😉


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