12th 3-Day Walk Rocks Fundraising

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

Fundraising Post

Linda channels Wonder Woman to kick cancer to the curb! Pow! Zap!

My contributors to the 3-Day Walk for the Cure are awesome. I’ve always known that.

Who else would put up with my groveling for contributions so this Old Lady Walking can keep walking 60 miles?

2015 tested the speed of sound. I have not raised the required minimum this fast since my corporate days when I benefited from corporate match programs.

Why We Walk

Before I even have Walk #12 under my feet, I’ve signed up for the 2016 Walk and Lucky #13.

As I shared in Cancer is Not Done Yet and Neither Am I, my long-time friend, Linda, underwent breast cancer surgery. She is still in the planning stages with her doctors regarding her course of treatment.

You can see Linda is not taking a passive stance. Does she rock the Wonder Woman character or what?

This year, in addition to all survivors and loved ones we lost, I walk for Linda’s speedy recovery. I know 2016’s Lucky #13 will celebrate Linda being cancer-free.

Walk on.

Fundraising Pay-it-Forward

Since 2015 fundraising is taken care of, I figured I would start on 2016. Some years are tougher than others to raise the required minimum. So I thought it’s never too early to start.

If you want a tax write-off for 2015, you can click this link to donate at my 2016 Personal Page or click on the Lucky #13 donation image in the sidebar.

Thank you again to all my generous contributors. You are the best. I could not do this without you.

Walk on.

Thank You Contributors!

  • Ada Kersey
  • Barbara Whitaker-Lewis
  • Catherine Botello
  • Chad Forester
  • Cindy Simmons
  • Debbie Ressler
  • Dianne Wingfield
  • Dyann Calder
  • Harriet Rotter Bell
  • Jackie Harris
  • Jeffrey Friedli
  • Joe & Elaine Conway
  • John Kahle
  • Judy Craig
  • Julie Ewert
  • Kathy Slothour
  • Kim Lemon
  • Laura Wiggins
  • Laverne Richards
  • Leigh Steere
  • Lori Widmer
  • Mitchell Allen
  • Nicky Parry
  • Randa Forrester
  • Rosemary Lopez
  • Sharon Hurley Hall
  • Tammy Reed
  • Terri Parsons
  • Vicky Richards
  • Vince Williams
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