Falling Into 3-Day, 60-Mile Weather

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

Photo by Beth Cothern

Photo by Beth Cothern

I have always loved Fall.

  • The artist’s splash of color
  • The crisp, clean air
  • Halloween

Yep, I love Halloween.

But another reason I love Fall is it signals I’m getting close to my next 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Someone who actually gets excited about walking 60 miles in 3 days. But if you have ever participated in this event, you get it.

Falling Into 3-Day

Falling into the 3-Day turns out to be a fairly accurate description of my journey.

I first laid eyes on 3-Day walkers back in 1999 when Avon was the event sponsor. I was living in the beautiful Channel Islands Harbor area of southern California. A sea of pink was making its way down the coast from Santa Barbara to Malibu.

I rolled down the window of my car and asked what they were walking for. At the time, I did not know anyone who had breast cancer. I am not sure why I felt such an immediate connection.

Promising myself I would join these walkers, I went on with my life. It wasn’t until I received word that my sister, Terry, was diagnosed with breast cancer that I finally got off my duff.

My first 3-Day Walk was in 2003 in my home town (then) of San Diego. It also was the first year and one of three cities where the Susan G. Komen organization took over the event.

I never planned beyond that first Walk. In November, I return to my beloved San Diego for Walk #12. I already signed up for Lucky #13 in 2016.

I guess you could say I just fell into the 3-Day pink web of “gotcha”.

I have not done this alone.

  • I thank my loving, caring teammates – each of you have changed my life in a special way – you mean the world to me
  • I thank my contributors – your generous support keeps this Old Lady Walking – in many more ways than simple fundraising
  • I thank all the volunteers and crew – you make 60 miles seem like a party in the park
  • I thank the people of San Diego – your welcoming cheers, hugs, smiles, and tears embrace all that is special about the 3-Day Walk

Just slightly over 60 days until I do it again – for the 12th time.

Walk on.

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