I Heart My Contributors

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

Heart Contributors postThe hardest part of the 3-Day, 60-mile Walk is not the walking.

  • It’s the fund-raising
  • At least for me

I’ve never liked asking for money, no matter how worthy the cause.

For the 11th year, my contributors have helped me raise the minimum required to participate in the 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

I love my contributors!

Contributors Through the Ages

When I first started walking in 2003, I had returned to San Diego for the third time.

  • And the last, I said
  • I did not plan on leaving again
  • Never say never

Alas, I left my beloved San Diego again in 2009. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In 2003, I was just beginning to know new coworkers, local industry colleagues, and new clients. Because I hate asking for money, I probably made fundraising that year a bit harder than it had to be.

Fundraising was much easier in the years following that first year. Matching gifts by corporations made it even easier.

Then I left my corporate job behind.

I started my own business around the time of the 2008 Walk.

  • Matching gifts were gone
  • As were some of the corporate contributors

It was tough going for awhile.

But my contributors have never let me down. Many of them have supported me from my very first Walk in 2003 − including several of the colleagues from the insurance world who no longer work with me.

Bless you all!

Contributors to the Rescue

Last week I sent a pre-groveling fundraising email. After 11 years, groveling has become easier.

I was $540 short of the required minimum. Within two hours, my contributors made sure I had what I needed.

Have I told you I my contributors?

Every year, I am humbled by the generosity of my contributors. Each of you holds a special place in my heart. I could never take this journey with out you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all of my contributors!

  1. Ada Kersey
  2. Anne Wayman
  3. Barb Lewis
  4. Creighton Forester
  5. Debbie Ressler
  6. Dianne Wingfield
  7. Dyann Bartus Calder
  8. Jackie Harris
  9. Jan Shapard
  10. Jeffrey Friedli
  11. Joe & Elaine Conway
  12. John Soares
  13. Judi DiMatteo
  14. Judy Craig
  15. Julie Ewert
  16. Ken Lautsch
  17. Kim Lemon
  18. Kristin Adams
  19. LaVerne Richards
  20. Linda Barney
  21. Lori Widmer
  22. Marina Angeles
  23. Marjorie Miller
  24. Mitch Allen
  25. Nicky Parry
  26. Rachel Marturello
  27. Sharon Hurley Hall
  28. Tammy Reed
  29. Vince Williams

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I already signed up for the 2015 San Diego 3-Day Walk.

You can contribute any time (subtle, right?) by going to my 2015 Personal Page. Donations made in 2014 can be deducted on your 2014 taxes (for my U.S. friends).

Stay tuned for news about this year’s Walk, which takes place in November.

Walk on!

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Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA @ Cerebrations.biz August 28, 2014 at 7:47 pm

Glad you made your quota 🙂


Cathy Miller August 29, 2014 at 10:39 am

Thank you, Roy, and I appreciate you contributing to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. 🙂


Kim Lemon August 29, 2014 at 12:11 am

I heart the Old Lady Walking!!! Walk on dear Cathy!


Cathy Miller August 29, 2014 at 10:39 am

Aw, thanks, Kim. You’re the best. 🙂


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