Idaho Statesman Pink Edition Tradition

October 1, 2015

Funny thing about the fight against breast cancer. You participate in what you think will be a single event and then – BAM. You’re hooked. That’s how the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure started. I signed up for what I thought would be my only 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk and then – BAM. […]

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Falling Into 3-Day, 60-Mile Weather

September 18, 2015

I have always loved Fall. The artist’s splash of color The crisp, clean air Halloween Yep, I love Halloween. But another reason I love Fall is it signals I’m getting close to my next 3-Day Walk for the Cure. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Someone who actually gets excited about walking 60 miles in 3 days. […]

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Optimistic News on Ovarian Cancer

August 20, 2015

Ovarian cancer has a nasty reputation. Many place ovarian cancer in the role of Grim Reaper. We’ve been told it is difficult to detect and that leads to a late-stage diagnosis. Few expect long-term survival. A new study suggests a better outlook for patients diagnosed with this often-silent form of cancer. Better Than Thought UC […]

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12th 3-Day Walk Rocks Fundraising

August 19, 2015

My contributors to the 3-Day Walk for the Cure are awesome. I’ve always known that. Who else would put up with my groveling for contributions so this Old Lady Walking can keep walking 60 miles? 2015 tested the speed of sound. I have not raised the required minimum this fast since my corporate days when […]

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Twitter Chat: the Not-So-New Cancer Support Vehicle

August 17, 2015

What do you picture when you hear cancer support group? A hospital or clinic-sponsored group? Survivor-formed get-togethers? With the explosion of social media, it’s not surprising its platforms are another vehicle for support. But Twitter? Cancer Support Chat I admit, I was a bit surprised to hear of Twitter as a social media platform used […]

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12 Times 60 Miles Equals a Lot of Walking

June 14, 2015

With my 12th 3-Day Walk for the Cure happening this year, can you blame me for a bit of nostalgia? For the last few years, I have shared periodic newsletters with my teammates. Our first team (before we even realized we were a team) had four members. This year we may have as many as […]

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Cancer is Not Done Yet And Neither Am I

May 23, 2015

True confessions. I skip over many of the emails with advice for planning for the 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk for the Cure. As I plan for my team’s 12th anniversary, I think – been there – done that. It’s easy to take the steps for granted. I know what training works for me I know what to carry on the […]

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3-Day Contributors Wow Once Again

May 14, 2015

All I can say is – wow. After 11 3-Day Walks under my feet, you’d think I would be used to the generosity of my contributors. Yet every year, I am humbled by their generous response. May Showers Typically, I start my fundraising in May for the San Diego 3-Day Walk in November. It allows […]

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3-Day Walk, Cancer and Family

May 4, 2015

You would think as I prepare for 3-Day Walk #12, it would be old hat by now. Far from it. My contributors – some who have been there since my first step in 2003 – never cease to amaze and humble me. They generously contribute and share their stories of loved ones they lost or those who […]

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Yes, We Had a Winner to Another Gift Certificate

March 6, 2015

You know your blog isn’t receiving much traffic when even the spammers haven’t found you. Ever since getting back from my 11th 3-Day Walk for the Cure, life got crazy. Well, my business life did. So these pink walls got silent. I promised a December winner of the gift certificate to the Old Lady Walking […]

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