3-Day Walk Team Adjustments Taken in Stride

by Cathy Miller

in 3-Day Walk for the Cure

Penny-Me-Sue in 2013

Penny-Me-Sue in 2013

My 11th 3-Day Walk for the Cure is fast approaching.

I always get antsy as we near the date for the Walk. Primarily because I am so anxious to see my teammates again.

We are now up to 15 team members. We don’t all walk every year. But once a team member, always a team member in our book.

These ladies walked straight into my heart and mean the world to me. The above photo is of our original team who met in 2003 – Penny, Sue, and I − minus one original team member − Diane (Sue’s sister) who had serious back surgery.

We hope Diane will be back for another Walk soon.

3-Day Walk Team Adjustment

Penny, Sue, and I walked every year since 2003, except one. Overachievers Penny and Sue also walked two Walks in one year.

  • I missed 2009 because my Mom was having foot surgery so I stayed home to help her through rehab
  • Penny and Sue missed 2004 due to Penny’s breast cancer diagnosis – as if we need more reasons to walk
  • Sue is also a breast cancer survivor

Since that initial walk, we’ve had the following join us.

  • Abby
  • Beth
  • Jamie
  • Jana
  • Jenn
  • Julie
  • Kristin
  • Lauren
  • Martina
  • Michelle

Many of the team members are related. I started walking for my sister, Terry, who is a breast cancer survivor. We are all sisters in our hearts.

♥ Our survivors ♥

The 600-Plus Mile Club Welcomes Another

Martina (another breast cancer survivor) graciously hosted our 10-year anniversary reunion in 2013 at her beautiful home in Lake Tahoe.

Martina is also the fabulous mind behind our creative team t-shirts like one for our 10th anniversary  − the 600 Mile Club − and the Make Tahoe Pink shirts we wore at the reunion.

In 2014, we welcome Penny’s friend, Holly, to our team. Holly has the distinction of being the teammate who will travel the farthest for the San Diego 3-Day Walk. Holly lives in Connecticut.

We also have team members from Chicago, Salt Lake City, one who is studying medicine (so proud of Kristin) at Michigan State University, several from the Bay area of San Francisco – and me. A transplanted San Diegan to Boise, Idaho (not Iowa).


Curei Osity

Curei Osity

Alas, we lost one team member. See the pink monkey in the photo?

That’s Curei Osity. She travels to every 3-Day Walk across the country. She has more frequent flyer miles than top CEOs.

  • Curei joined our team for 2012 and 2013
  • Although I offered, she left us for another in 2014
  • Sounds like a bad country song – the little pink floozy

Thank You

I am so grateful to my contributors who put up with my groveling so I can raise at least the minimum required to participate.

Without you, I would never known this life-changing event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stay tuned for more stories as once more my teammates and I walk 60 miles in 3 days for the cure.

Walk on!

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